Monday, February 6, 2017

Garden Party, Wishes and Dreams - Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery Daydreams & Trellises

I was thinking about trellises. So I thought I'd jot a few notes.
     These are a couple of my older Millefiori designs for Brazilian dimensional embroidery. They are also posted on my website, I don't have a lot left, so please email me to be sure they are still in stock.

This first design is #926 "Garden Party". First I did all of the dimensional embroidery with EdMar's 100% rayon floss.
I even stitched that vining rose on the trellis with a new idea - the Continuous Drizzle, and then I did the same with the leaves on the tree at right. This is the climbing rose:
After I made the vines - some green, some pink - I attached them to the trellis - sometimes with the pink color (to add another rose).
It was fun.
      So then, I wondered what would happen if I got a little more creative. I had an 8x10" shadowbox and some beads. I decided to stitch the entire design with anything except rayon floss. Here's a picture.
Lots of bead shops have flower beads. One of my favorite sources is (probably  because they have so many flowers and leaves). I have some 1/8" rayon ribbon floss. It's on spools, so I can pull off 5-6 yards at a time if I want as I'm making a continuous drizzle.

By the way, I do have the tutorial for the Continuous Drizzle available as a pdf file. If you'd like a copy, please email me by clicking on the "Love and Peace Rose" (from my garden). My email addy is also on my website.

Back to the fun~~  The fence back there on the right is made with toothpicks that I painted white with my trusty acrylic paint (also couldn't find any fences at the craft store that were small enough). The background is layered sheer 4" ribbon or other sheer fabrics in 'outdoor' colors, getting darker as the design came closer (depth). Here is a detail photo:
The kitty on the lawn chair is a button. You can see those little rubber duckies peeking out. They are floating on a piece of mirror (to suggest a pond) that I pulled out of an old compact.

Oh - and that trellis. . .   Well I "built" this one from balsa wood and painted it, but since then, I've found you can do an online search for 'doll house trellis' and find all sorts of trellis pieces that would fit perfectly.

Some time later, I had the idea to design a 'companion piece'. This is Millefiori design #969 "Wishes and Dreams". I had ideas for more new flowers, so fit them into this design. In addition, this is another of my "Where's Waldo's" of B.E. - with the kitten, the owl and the bunny, plus a couple of flower fairies.
I love my work~~
     ....oh, yes -- and I have a "Wish" and a "Dream" -- that I could have more time to make even more.