Sunday, November 28, 2010

All About Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery

After a couple of starts and stops, I am finally able to put my stitching down for a little while and start actively contributing to my blog.

I’m going to write about Brazilian dimensional embroidery but may get sidetracked occasionally and post a picture of flowers from my garden or my hobby of beading or maybe even my cats. But the main subject of my blog is embroidery, so I hope you all enjoy it.

Stitchers can find out more about Brazilian dimensional embroidery by visiting the BDEIG website. I’m going to share ideas I’ve learned from various teachers and stitching friends through the years as well as some of the stitches and techniques I have developed, and I hope the information will be helpful to others wanting to learn this fascinating needle art. Starting with just a few basic embroidery stitches, we have been able to combine, re-arrange and otherwise play with our threads to bring new and exciting adventures to those who enjoy the art of the needle. So here goes . . .

By the way, sometimes people wonder what the difference is between “Brazilian” embroidery and “dimensional” embroidery. Well, it’s easy. The beautiful rayon floss was originally manufactured in Brazil so that's where the name "Brazilian" comes from. The stitches are “dimensional”, which means the stitcher can use almost any other fiber to create or complete amazing designs. When you see "B.E.", you'll know that I'm referring to Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery.

As soon as I read my directions about including pictures, you'll see some of those, too. I'm still learning how to blog, so I know you all will be patient with me.  It's definitely worth the wait.  I love B.E., and I know you do, too! Thank you for coming to visit.