Sunday, May 15, 2016

Lazy Stitcher Discovers Handy-Dandy Hint

No, not Cuthbert. He's a big fluffy ball of "Lazy" most of the time.

This time I'm talking about myself. I was making some long-tailed fly stitches with Glory (most of our Brazilian dimensional embroidery designs are printed on Blazer Poplin or Trigger).
You can see from the photo that this is a fairly close-woven fabric which many of our stitchers feel will hide the floss tails. 
Well, SOMEHOW a KNOT appeared in my Glory floss (about 2-3" up). Didn't feel like clipping and knotting off, so....   I found a larger needle and inserted it in the same spot where the knot stopped. Had a bigger hole in the fabric and pulled the knotted floss right through. The fabric threads seal immediately, no problem.
           I'll be past the knot after the next leaf or two.
My next project will be to look for an area where I have space to stitch.
Cuthbert says "Good idea."