Thursday, July 10, 2014

Emmy Meets Pepe-le-Pew

Yes, it was a night to remember.
While I was watering the flowers last night, Emmy thought it would be fun to camp out. By herself. She encountered An Adventure:
Yes, it was Pepe-le-Pew, also outside "looking for love in all the wrong places", as the song goes. Instead of an adventure, Emmy was surprised:
...and NOT in a good way.
    Unable to escape herself and her "eau de Pepe", she looked for a spot to "air out":
This was NOT a pleasant day for this young lady -- if you can imagine 90-degree heat and a healthy dose of fragrance.  I also was not about to bathe a cat in tomato juice (although I did have some V-8 in the refrigerator...)
After pinpointing the source, even Cuthbert did his best to escape the foul miasma drifting throughout the house (it was pretty hot outside, even for cats!), the yard, and probably the entire county.
 I did follow Emmy from spot to spot with Febreze in various flavors (which did not "eliminate odors" as the advertising promised), and burned a variety of scented candles. Mostly, nothing worked. Cuthbert agreed. He just left the area for a nap in a scent-free zone:
And I have decided to concentrate on more pleasant scents.
This is Filipendula - the Queen of the Prairie.  It's a perennial that blooms outside our kitchen window every year. Isn't it pretty?
It reminds me of cotton candy.
Delicious. . .

Or helpful, anyway, to take my mind off of my highly-scented Emmy.