Sunday, November 18, 2012

Exhaustion Has Set In

Not me.  The cat ... the cat.

Cuthbert is exhausted. . .
after watching me stitch Brazilian dimensional embroidery seminar class proposals for the past month or so. 

And yes, I DO have a lifetime supply of 2" tape for easy cat-hair removal.

While I'm on the subject of Brazilian embroidery, I did discover an interesting bit of information. I threaded up a strand of EdMar's Frost-weight rayon thread into my #3 milliners needle.  We all do that, right?  The smallest needle we can find ...
    Actually, that was not such a good choice. My floss kept fraying and kinking and being generally disagreeable.  So I switched to the #1 milliners needle (the one we usually use for Lola). It made my job soooooo easy. That's a picture of a hosta that I stitched, all in Brazilian outline stitch (floss below the needle when using Z-twist threads for that nice even, rounded line). 

I also find that when I have overlapping petals, you can separate them with the shadow line of darker floss, or you can leave the thickness of a needle's worth of space between leaves. These leaves are fairly small, so I opted for the shaded line.
Cuthbert asks, "What's next?" (Oh, yes, he talks to me...)

   I told him I have my new Millefiori designs all stitched and my next project is to update my website. I'll also start sharing my design pictures here as soon as they are all edited and pretty. --and I'll let you know as soon as I have them all ready for you to stitch.