Saturday, June 13, 2015

Let's Get This Brazilian Embroidery Show On the Road

Didja miss me?? 
     I think my life is starting to settle down and I can get back to what I enjoy most -- more Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery.

I'm busy re-sizing photos because almost all of my gigs are used up on this computer and hubby says that I really have enough (he's probably right, but it means I need to re-size.  Hmmm, after I get finished with photos, I might start with myself ...the re-sizing, that is.  ho. ho. ho.)
These Brazilian embroidery designs are from the book My LadyFlowers (by myself, Rosalie Wakefield). As a side note (or blatant commercial), I have the book here on my website,, also at

This photo is one of the "Pearls". It is named "Bo and Sno and 7 Little Dwarf Stars".  Yes, Little Bo Peep, Snow White with 7 little Star-Fills added to brighten their sky. The border is a popular edging technique I call "Scalloped Lace", although it's basically just a series of running cast-on stitches.

OK, now I know the details are the most interesting part our B.E. stitching. The focal flower, named Snow White, is inspired by osteospermums in my garden (although they don't last nearly as long there, as they do on fabric. With floss.) and is stitched with a technique I've named the Shadow Drizzle.

I added the String of Knots to make Little Bo Peep, peeking out from behind Sno, and stitched leaves with the Reverse Fly Stitch and the Backwards Leaf, and then I added vines with Automatic Couching.

You can see little sparklies - beads, sometimes metallic threads - in these designs because other fibers, beads, buttons and whatever we find in our stash (like crazy quilters) is such a natural companion to the lush rayon floss we use.
My Millefiori design instructions are all written so that rayon can be used for the embroidery, but as needle artists, each of us can change anything we like. Substitutions are fun and make these designs truly our own work.

Oh, yes, for sure ... I capitalized the names of all of these stitches. My LadyFlowers was written during one of my "experimental" stages ...playing with my floss to see what would happen, and then giving it a name. So this is really an advanced book for the adventurous stitcher who can also become "The Boss of Their Floss". I hadn't seen many of these techniques/stitches anywhere else, so I gave them each their own personal name. This is a picture of the other "Pearls":
Well, I'm back into my computer to do more re-sizing and sharing -- there are 80 "new" - at the time - floral designs in My LadyFlowers.
I'm also sharing these photos on Facebook, where there is a group named Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery, and everyone is sharing all of their beautiful work. If you aren't already on the group, FB or email me your addy and I'll send you an invite. It's a really friendly group, and everyone helps everyone else. --another nice place to B.E.
P.S. Website will soon be updated -- I have a couple of new designs to share with you.