Sunday, May 15, 2011

You Can Embroider on ANYthing

...and this isn't even Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery!  --although it IS dimensional.  I used cotton thread to stitch this fat little mouse, and I stitched him on a dinner napkin (yes, very loose weave) a long, long time ago.

Over at the BDEIG Online Chapter, Sherry Johnson's Yahoo Group, there is a lively discussion about fabrics to stitch. I mentioned that I have a nice supply of cloth napkins, obtained ages ago. Most that I have don't look like they were even used. (I never thought about stitching a flower on top of a gravy stain, but I suppose it's possible....)
     By the way, I definitely recommend anyone who wants to learn more B.E. and join in stitch challenges and have their B.E. questions answered, that you mosey on over to the Yahoo groups (click the link above) and join in. It's a very friendly group, loaded with excellent knowledge, and Sherry is a very enthusiastic Listmom.
This delectable little beetle was stitched with Kreinik metallic threads using a pattern from the book, Brazilian Embroidery Instructions, by Barbara Demke Johnson (still one of my favorite Brazilian embroidery books).
And these are three napkins that I stitched -- the bullion rose is also from either Barbara Johnson's book or one of the Brazilian embroidery books by Zeann Aguilar.

We were chatting about places to do our stitching and one of the ladies mentioned giving some embroidery as a gift.  A long time ago when I designed the Millefiori Flower Patch and Veggie Patch Pillows, I had the bright idea to use one motif and stitch it on a piece of scrap fabric, even a cotton print, cut it out (raggedy edges are OK), glue it to a blank card (card stock cut to size), add a bit of lace, glue down buttons or other trim and send it to someone you wish to entertain.   --sort of like "Scrapbooking for the Stitcher"!
   Here's a little collage card I made from a Millefiori design I did a while back called "Ice Crystal Rose". I didn't finish the edges, just cut the fabric out and glued it to another piece of print fabric and added the ribbons.  Almost anything will work, and it's a nice way to use up our stitched samples:

So the bottom line would be this: if it sits still long enough, you can probably stitch on it.
....and I can't believe that I have posted TWO times in one day!

By the way, dinner napkins also make wonderful DOODLE CLOTHS, mostly because the edges are already finished!