Sunday, May 15, 2011

Brazilian Embroidery Under There SOMEwhere...

Well, yes. It's Cuthbert. Who else?
     He spent several minutes circling the table, looking for a "spot". When he couldn't find a spot, he decided the entire table would do. So he hopped up, curled up in a ball, and then draped himself becomingly across all of my Brazilian embroidery notes and papers (and probably some needles under there somewhere, too).
And then he saw I was snapping pictures. Of course, that didn't affect his comfort zone.
    Well, while I'm on the subject of Brazilian embroidery under cats, here is a picture that escaped and made it into my computer collection:

That one is from my Crazy Quilt Pillow (Millefiori Design #857).
That one is a little loop stitch flower that I have on my "Alphabet Flower Sampler" design (Millefiori #904). The purple flower is made with just colonial knots (I love them because they look like little donuts, yum).
     All of those flowers were in a book I wrote a while back, ABCs for Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery.

Nice visiting with you. I'm busy working on classes for our upcoming BDEIG Seminar in June, but I am also having fun posting.


  1. "Hi" to Cuthbert from my cat, Mandu. (He collects fabric and laces, dragging them throughout the house.) Hoping some year to be able to go to the annual seminar in Portland.

  2. Sounds like Mandu wants to learn to stitch, too. Cuthbert once tried to hold a needle (in his mouth). That was a $100 trip to the vet!
    If you are a member of BDEIG, you can put your name in for a scholarship to Seminar -- no strings, and it pays for all of your classes or other expenses. --it's a wonderful idea for getting more people to learn B.E.
    Thank you for your note.