Monday, May 2, 2011

My Iris and My Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery

Isn't this a pretty iris? I was working in my garden here in the Willamette Valley in Oregon the other day and noticed the iris are just starting to bloom. This one was from my friend, Virginia, who moved to Washington and took as much of her garden with her as she could.
     Lucky for Virginia's friends, the entire garden just didn't quite fit into her car.

The reason I'm posting to my web log is because I "mostly just read" an online group called QuiltArt -- really talented stitchers who do beautiful art quilts, and have wonderful discussions about creativity and their journey through the process.
     For the past few days, they have been talking about blogs, mentioning the discipline of regular posting. I thought it might be fun to try that, too (not likely with the flowers all starting to bloom ...), but I'll work on it.

So here is a little piece of Brazilian dimensional embroidery, a little rainbow fishy made with EdMar's 100% colorful rayon floss and side-by-side cast-on stitches, and a stitch I developed and call a Piggyback Cast-on:
 He's swimming around in a new Millefiori Brazilian dimensional embroidery design that I made recently. I call it "Olivia, a Crazy Lace Octopus". Here's a picture of Olivia:

I love adding beads to my embroidery. Olivia's necklace is Swarovski pearls and she feels that they hold up quite nicely under water.

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