Thursday, May 5, 2011

Clematis in Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery and Clematis in my Garden

Clematis in my garden are just now getting ready to bloom. They also lend themselves nicely to simple Brazilian dimensional embroidery stitches. See:
This is a wonderfully simple flower you can add to your embroidery, wearable items, and crazy quilts by adding a leaf or two. In addition to sharing the tutorial in the Education Pages of our quarterly BDEIG Newsletter, The B.E. Wrap-Up, I've also added it to some of my Millefiori designs, most recently "Sunbonnet Sue's Sassy Sister". You can see a picture at my in-progress website, right here:  

Here's how to make your own clematis: (I used Iris-weight Z-twist rayon)
Divide a circle into 5.
Make a lazy daisy stitch from the center out with a 2-3 thread tacking stitch. With a contrasting color, bring needle up near center and thread through one tacking stitch. (#1)
Skip the next tacking stitch (#2) and slip needle under tacking stitch #3.
Skip tacking stitch #4 and slip the needle under tacking stitch #5.

Continue working around; this time you'll slip your needle under tacking stitches #2 and #4, and then #1, #3 and #5 again.

Do that until you are happy with the fullness of the flower, Stitch a French knot or a size 8/o seed bead at the center and you are finished!

Here's a pattern (resize it how you want. I think mine was approximately 3/4"):

Wasn't that easy~~
     Now, if you'd rather enjoy the clematis in person in flower, here are a couple of pictures:
This is Mrs. N. Thompson, and here's a closer picture:

And this one is Apple Blossom, and it's one of three blooming right next to my front door:

Oh, yes! It's very pretty. So it required more than one picture:
I took these pictures a year ago this month, so I will probably be taking even more this spring.
     Enjoy your clematis! (Yes, pronounced "CLEM-a-tis")

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