Friday, May 20, 2011

Brazilian Embroidery Orchids by Me; Flowers by The REAL Professional

The other day I posted a picture of one of my new Millefori designs, "Ruby Slipper Orchid". I wrote that I was going to stitch it in colors coordinating with a pretty little box I found at Michaels. As promised, here it is:
These are the "true" colors and here's another picture of the box from a different angle.

The box is approximately 6x6x6 and the embroidery is about 5" square. After I mounted the piece onto foam core board and edged it with a gold/cream braided trim, I attached it to the top of the box with my absolute favorite glue, Fabri-Tac, which dries almost immediately.

I thought you might be interested in the little butterfly, too:

I like my butterflies and bugs and birdies to be in reasonable proportion to the embroidery, so I added this little butterfly charm. It's a Susan Clarke Original.
    And while I was outside looking for interesting backgrounds (yes, the first picture is one of our rhodies in full, total and glorious bloom!), I just "happened" to notice the clematis totally joyful after all the rain, so I thought I would share a picture.
...and NOW I'm off to plant the rhodies I bought this morning at the Rhodie Field Clearance Sale (clearing the field), but the prices were like clearance sale prices, too -- full size rhodies for $7.00!  What a deal. I bought more than one.
    So now I will wander my Back 40, shovel in hand, looking for something I can move over so there will be room for all those rhodies -- and a hydrangea ...and a miniature daphne.

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