Monday, March 7, 2011

Don't Be Shy

You can't hide from me, Little Camellia. I found you waaaay in the back of my camellia bush, shyly hiding your face from my camera. That's OK, you're not alone.
I also found these shy little snowdrops -- they look like silly geese trying to fly away from my Oregon-in-March spring garden.  But they are blooming anyway, and they waited long enough that I could get a fairly good picture:
I also haven't forgotten my little Hummy Art Quilt, all ready to be made into a quilt. I have enlisted the help of one of my friends, A True Quilter, to make suggestions about fabrics and in what order. Here's what I sent to her:
Oops!  Not that one.   Cuthbert!!!  What are you doing in this story??
By the way, have you noticed the resemblance of The Magnificent Cuthbert the I of The Kingdom of Cuthbertland to ....
The Queen, her majestic self, Elizabeth I.  The collars are the same, and the pointy chin and nose bear a striking resemblance. I like to think it's in the Royal Genes.
     Here's the Little Hummy and some fabrics I need to decide about:
...or one of these ...???

...or maybe I should just go to the fabric store.  I tend toward bright fabrics, but am patiently waiting to make up my mind and forestall the "Oops" moment when the colors don't work, and I don't notice it until everything is assembled.

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  1. Cuthbert is a handsome fellow. :o)

    Decisions, decisions, decisions! All of those fabrics are pretty. You will have to let us know what you choose. :o)