Monday, March 28, 2011

Hummy Art Quilt ... Almost Finished!

The little hummy art quilt that I've been working on is just about finished!
     I have a friend named Mary who is A True Quilter and after I finished all of the Brazilian dimensional embroidery on the flowers and hummingbirds, I raided my fabric stash and pulled colors. Mary made really excellent suggestions to this not-so-creative quilter (my perception of quilting is that you cut fabric up into tiny pieces and then sew it all back together).
   Mary suggested that I complete the sewing machine zigzag edges all around (since she didn't think it was a "true" attic windows pattern anyway), and then fold a 1" wide strip (the pink fabric) right next to the embroidery as though I was matting a picture.
    From my stash, we found a nice dark green but when I got back home I ended up using different pinks and greens than first chosen. It was interesting that as soon as I pulled the final fabrics, I just KNEW they were the perfect choice. The only down side was that I had to change my mind about another trip to the fabric store, and use what I had.
Here's a better picture -- the binding pinned in place and ready to blind stitch hem. As soon as I have it all finished, I'll post another picture.

     A blog is a good exercise in self discipline. I had to actually finish something I started and the hummers didn't end up hibernating in my UFO (UnFinished Object) collection. I am seriously thinking about pulling out a crazy quilt top that I started ages ago, cut off a flower stitched with really AWFUL color choices, and start embellishing!


  1. Beautiful!! What will you do with it Rosalie? Wall hanging? Surely it is not going to be used a quilt?

  2. Hi, Deepa
    Yes, this will be a wall hanging. It's only about 15" x 18" finished, so it would have to be a quilt for a REALLY tiny person.
    I'll post a picture in a day or two, after all the hand stitching is finished.
    Thank you for your note.