Sunday, February 27, 2011

New Millefiori Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery Design!

"Reverie" -- that's the name of one of my new Millefiori Brazilian dimensional embroidery designs. Reverie means "lost in one's thoughts" --in a nice way, as we all are -- always, when we are stitching.
            The original version at the BDEIG website with 2011 Seminar Pictures is shown on sage green fabric and is really lovely, but I wanted to see what it would look like on white fabric. I think I like it. The flower is brand new, and I have named it a Crepe Paper Rose.


  1. Oh how beautiful. I just got a beginner kit for learning Brazilian embroidery. I am finding it kind of hard, but this post is inspiring. I'm not giving up yet.

  2. Thank you for your note. There is a Yahoo BDEIG_Online_Group that is very active; you can join and ask questions - someone will reply right away.
    You can also visit the BDEIG website (linked above), check out the B.E. starter tips and try the freebie designs that are posted.
    If you look at the photo above, you'll notice that the stitches are all basic dimensional stitches and traditional needlework stitches.
    When you finish your embroidery, you will be so pleased with how beautiful it is that you'll start looking for a new project right away. I promise!

  3. Your embroidery looks romantic! It will make a nice valentine gift!

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