Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery and Weavers Cloth

I love to stitch on Weavers Cloth. Most of our Brazilian dimensional embroidery designs are printed on Blazer Poplin or Trigger Cloth. Both fabrics are a poly/cotton blend, but weavers cloth has a looser weave. My name for weavers cloth on white is "faux linen."  --looks like linen, but is very soft, doesn't wrinkle, etc.
     In addition, I usually add a backing fabric of poly/cotton blend to hide any shadowing floss tails (I do this to all of my Brazilian embroidery). My choice is Symphony Broadcloth which is often on sale at JoAnn Stores.

This is one of my new designs, "Reverie."  You saw my "Reverie" embroidery on white blazer poplin here. As soon as I have all of the instructions and fabric prints ready, I'll start selling this design. It features a new flower, my Crepe Paper Rose, which is major fun to do.
     I found this lovely sage green weavers cloth and it looks so trendy (I thought) that I decided to use it for one of my Millefiori designs. The mat is red, suede finish, and the gold frame is a happy result of one of my treasure-hunting trips to Goodwill. This is one of the few places where I have good luck finding square frames!

So, I hope you enjoy this design. You can see what I have been doing while I'm waiting for the flowers in my garden to start blooming.  


  1. This design is beautiful! I love the way the red flower just pops, with the serene swans in the background.

  2. Thank you, Lisa. I found the hardest EdMar colors to match were the greens with the sage green background, but I wrote everything down. I was very pleased with how the design turned out, thought that black swans might be interesting, too. The border is one of my favorites -- I've used it a lot, and especially like making Boucle bullions with the #15 milliners needle.