Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Celtic Rose, Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery

I called it "The Celtic Rose" because the intertwined bullions reminded me of Celtic Knotwork. This was one of my Millefiori designs a while back.
     The design shown above is from my book, My LadyFlowers, and I used it on a bell pull that I have named "The LadyBelle Pull" (Millefiori #913). 

The border is the Lacy Chain Border Stitch that I thought up and is a combination of lazy daisy stitches followed by 3 detached buttonhole stitches in the outer loop of each chain and finished with a vertical, longer lazy daisy stitch where each chain in the first step starts. I always thought it looked ... well, lacy.

I'm sharing the picture (and also blatantly advertising, I guess) because I was snapping pictures of the bell pull flowers (there are 7 of them). I'm writing instructions for these flowers to go with the fabric print that is one of my Millefiori design offerings. There are 80 floral designs in my book, My LadyFlowers, and over 100 stitch techniques, mostly intermediate to advanced level.
     Here's a picture of the bell pull. Yes, the walls in my bedroom are painted lilac - to match my favorite flower, no kidding!

     This lilac is growing in my back yard and will be in full and total bloom in a month or so.

And now I am going outside to play in my garden~~