Monday, March 21, 2011

Things This Blog Can Do... And A B.E. Design for You

I've been checking out all the good things Blogspot/Blogger can do. I found the little icon that lets everyone subscribe by email.  See? There it is over there on the left side. Just sign in with your email. Feedburner will open up a little window and you'll be asked to type some really atrocious spelling (to keep auto spammers out) and then you'll get a confirmation note in your email, followed by lots of messages  ... from ME!!  Easy as pie.

I'd like to find a way to make my pages wider to get all of my words to fit. The way I see it, I have only two choices:
          1. Select a different template
          2. Say more in fewer words.

I'm thinking ...

While I'm thinking, here's some Brazilian embroidery to entertain you.
I made these flowers with a version of a Brazilian dimensional embroidery stitch technique I developed a while back and have it and about a hundred others published in one of my books, My LadyFlowers.
      I call it "Stretch". If you look at it closely, you'll see that it is a double cast-on drizzle (I used 2 darners and 2 entire floss strands).
      After you load the needle with as many loops as you can, turn your fabric over and knot both floss tails together as close to the ends as you can.
      Then str-e-e-e-e-t-t-t-t-t-c-c-c-c-h it out as far as you can (usually about 4-5"). Next, thread another needle with regular sewing thread and start winding "Stretch" around the center (where you started the drizzle), tacking the loops, on one side only, on the fabric. 
      It's really fun when you use two colors, usually the darker color next to the fabric to give that impression of depth (and dimension). And, of course, variegated floss is wonderful. I used Lola, but any floss weight will work just fine.
      You can add a bead or two before you start wrapping.
      Also, you'll notice that some of the double cast-on drizzles look different than the others. One is made with regular looping, and the other two are made with up-down looping (aka, "up-down cast on", alternate stitch, needle tatting ...everyone has a favorite name...).

I always think these little floral designs would be perfect motifs for crazy quilts -- and down the road a bit, I'll start posting pictures of those two CQ quilt tops that I pieced some time ago. (I have definitely found that stitching alongside of blogging is a VERY good way to actually get a project finished!)
Here's a picture of the book, My LadyFlowers by Yours Truly, Rosalie Wakefield:
Oh, yes ...for sure, that's a commercial - blatant advertising, I calls it. --because I sell my books and designs, too.
     Actually, my books are up at Amazon, or you can order them directly from me. 
     Or if you wait patiently, I will probably eventually get almost all of this onto this lovely little blog that is so much fun to write.  And, as always, whenever anyone has a question about any of these stitches, just drop me a note. As you can see, I love to chat!
          (Well, so much for writing a post in FEWER words....  I'll keep trying, though!)

Have fun!  Don't forget to sign up for these blog messages email delivered via Feedburner in case you don't always remember to tune in. Thanks!