Saturday, September 1, 2012

If I Wanted To Embroider A Finch

It's not like I don't have enough material:
These little critters are always flying into our picture window and knocking themselves silly.  I can tell by the "BONK!"
My kitty Emmy can always tell, too. But I raced outside just as Emmy was on her way to explore that interesting sound, and I found this little birdie, almost with "+'s" on its eyes.
So I rescued him.  (All together now, say, "aaaaaaw!") I placed him on top of our barbeque, out of Emmy's reach, and ran to get my camera. He wasn't planning to go anywhere any time soon.
And I promised myself I wouldn't post any pictures if he toppled over on his side, feet in the air, a real goner.

But he re-grouped and flew off after a while. Emmy slept in the lounge chair the entire time, oblivious to the fact that her "wannabe dessert" was within a short hop.
And I was lucky enough to end up with some pretty close-up photos ... just in case I ever decide I want to embroider a finch.


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