Sunday, September 16, 2012

Wouldn't You Think . . .

. . . that for as long as I've been doing Brazilian dimensional embroidery, I would know to have enough floss to finish a project?

I must have forgotten. Using Cire 119 to stitch a cute little orange kitten for my BDEIG Scholarship Fundraising Quilt project square, I was just sure two strands would be enough.


And I looked high and low, and the only other dye lot I had made the kitten look like a little raccoon when I added stitches (No, I didn't take a picture - I "deleted" the stitches).

So I regrouped.  In this town we have 3 needlework stores (lots of nice fibers) and a quilt store that carries rayon floss. I made a field trip. And found this pretty thread called "Fuzzy Stuff" and am now stitching a blue-gray (Right! I also didn't have any Cire 146 or 147) kitten.
You can read more about this quilt in yesterday's post. I'll send more pictures in a day or two ... now that the kitten and I are on the same wave length.

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