Friday, September 14, 2012

I Will Now Brazilian Embroider a Teacup

Here's my project.

Each year the Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery International Guild, Inc. (BDEIG) has a fundraising project for scholarships to our annual BDEIG Seminar. You can read more about it here. Our theme for the year 2013 is "Tea, Thyme and Lavender", so our Scholarship Quilt Committee is planning to make a wall hanging. Members sign up to stitch a block.

We can stitch flowers or anything else that we choose. So I went in search of pictures and templates, floss, beads and pen:
I will stitch a flower and the "anything else" will be a cat, tucked comfortably into the teacup. I've done this a time or two before:

This little kitten was inspired and adapted from a graphic I found on the Internet. I stitched the kitten and teacup as part of a gift for one of our guild's outgoing presidents. Several of us stitched our choice of designs. I knew she liked kitties, so that's why a kitten was my contribution.

One of our BDEIG Scholarship Fundraising Projects was the "Critters in a Jar" quilt and so I stitched a similar design with a kitten holding a label:
I like this kitten best and will probably use it. I'm not the best artist when it comes to drawing animals correctly, but if you think about it -- everything is just an oval or a circle or a triangle. When you look at it that way, you can draw almost anything! Cire is great for silky kitten fur and can even be brushed a bit.

Speaking of cats ...
     I wrote to our BDEIG Online Chapter the other day, asking about a remedy for those little finches that keep crashing into our window. You might have read about them here. Several people suggested window stick-ums, but I found another solution. It's temporary, and VERY moveable, but when it's in place the little finches scatter to the four winds:
Yes, it's Cuthbert.
    Not only is the view just like "Television for Cats", it also saves the finches a lot of headaches, concussions, whatever.

Oh, wait.  We were speaking of flowers, somewhere in here. I just happened to wander my Back 40 the other day and found some interesting things in bloom.
This is a hollyhock in my side yard with a bee visiting:
The hollyhocks are so tall that I just pointed my camera UP to get this picture:
The coneflowers are blooming. This year I remembered to tie them up.
And this is the seed pod:
But this is my favorite picture today. It's my polyantha rose named "The Fairy" and each batch of flowers is like an entire bouquet. It's been growing in my Oregon garden for over 30 years. 

Maybe I should go shopping for some NEW roses. But I think I will stitch my teacup first.


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  1. Wonderful embroidery!