Sunday, August 26, 2012

This is Trouble

Trouble came to my next-door neighbor's house the other day.

Today Trouble found our house.
And crowned herself Queen.
And then she crashed.

And then she woke up and played, trying her best to wear Cuthbert out.
Trouble is chasing Cuthbert's leash, thinking what fun it would be to drag him around the yard.
Cuthbert keeps two eyes on Trouble.
Emmy, who was not born yesterday, keeps her distance from Trouble.

Cuthbert was eventually worn out by Trouble:

But, being a cat, Cuthbert eventually woke up and decided to go looking for Trouble.
But Trouble knows all about camouflage and laughs and laughs at Cuthbert as he tries to hide. Ha. Ha.
Trouble likes to taunt Cuthbert, staying just a few feet past the end of his leash.
Trouble soon tires of cat companionship and decides to go in search of his home.
Is it here?
Hmmm. Nope, don't think so.
Where O Where did I leave my home, wonders Trouble.
Trouble waits for the neighbors to come home from the day's festivities. And bring her some FOOD.
And Cuthbert, now that the coast is clear and he has me all to himself, hops up on my lap for some "me" time.
Yes, that is Cuthbert. Standing on my lap. Waiting for pets. And wondering if Trouble will find him again.

The End.

Trouble is a little kitten who has been the victim of wanderlust. She’s about 5-6 months old and just showed up the other day. She’s very friendly and the neighbors are keeping her until they find where she lives. If her owners don’t show up, they have found another home for her in the neighborhood. But she is very happy with the neighbors.

     Meanwhile, we will all play with her and spoil her silly.


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