Monday, September 24, 2012

New Stitch Technique for Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery. . .and the Cats

It took me most of the afternoon to work out this little stitch (yes, it's very tiny, and yes, I dreamed it last night), and it will be part of one of my BDEIG Seminar 2013 classes next June. I named it Staccato - and there's a reason (if you go to and look up the derivation of the name). I guess this is a teaser, because I won't say more until it's actually part of the final design. It is fun, though, and it's easy to do.

Meanwhile, here's another teaser:
       He has the "good" spot.  (and I need to buy a can of white spray paint and give that poor chair a makeover...)

Emmy, meanwhile,
has to nap on the cold, hard floor.

Does Cuthbert care?
Maybe. Maybe not.

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