Sunday, April 29, 2012

My Marco Polo Rose

Marco Polo was planted in my garden just because I like yellow roses.  And red ones, and pink ones, and white ones ... etc.

It's a very pretty rose. I tend to take a picture whenever a flower blooms.  See:
It's pretty from any angle.

I stitched the Marco Polo Rose for my Rose Garden B.E. design (Millefiori #995) and it's another of the roses I'll be teaching at our Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery International Guild seminar this June in Portland, Oregon. You can see photos of ALL the classes here. I linked to just the first page because there's so much to see on the website, but you can surf through to Seminar 2012 if you like. When I get a moment, I'll update my own website!

The stitch I used for my B.E. version is the Raised Close Herringbone Stitch, a self-padding stitch I discovered by reading needlework books written by Erica Wilson and Margaret Boyles. The first time I used it was to pad little hearts and little mouse buns on this design, called "Mice, Twice".
Oh, yes. There are two sets of mice there.  You'll have to click the image to make it larger and then see where the second couple is hiding. It's all framed in a Wilton Cookie Cutter heart, no less. How delectable. Mmmmm.

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