Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Even the Dandelions . . .

Yesterday the sun was shining here in Oregon, and even the dandelions looked good. Here, one posed for a picture.

And that Asian Pear tree that had only ONE fruit last year?  Well, here are the blossoms THIS year:
And the blue, blue sky has not even been Photoshopped:
Several years ago when we planted our camellias, they went into the side yard and the only time they pose for pictures is when I happen to walk by with the camera:
But I do have a red rhodie that loved our rainy March weather and is loaded now with glorious blossoms.
Spring is so lovely here in Oregon that I feel like I should be poetic, or sing. Or something.  Instead, I snap photos, draw pictures, stitch, play in the garden. Second best is just not a bad thing at all.

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