Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Learning Something New Each Day~~

As I wandered through the Internet today, I saw that Helen Stevens has a new book/CD called "One Simple Stitch". You can read about it on the KerryKatieCakes blog. So I Googled Helen Stevens to find out more and came to a Youtube video about "How to Make a Dog Rose".

Well, watching really good videos of people stitching is completely addictive. As the stitcher (someone else) started working on a buttonhole stitch leaf, I noticed that she begins with a lazy daisy stitch from just above the leaf center to the tip of the leaf. Next, she buttonhole stitches down one side and then the other, finishing with the center vein of the leaf.

Since I've always buttonhole stitched a leaf from the bottom to the top on one side, and repeated on the other, I thought this was just an excellent idea - or another way of doing the leaf -- starting with that lazy daisy stitch at the leaf tip.

Since I don't use Youtube a lot, I was pleasantly surprised at the number stitching videos uploaded - even some Brazilian embroidery stitch videos.

My ever-faithful, true and loyal sidekick, Cuthbert, was watching the video with me, fairly fascinated - or maybe it was the little cursor that had his attention:
I'm pretty sure it wasn't the computer mouse. He doesn't really relate to mice:
But he suddenly looked at me and said (catspeak), "Hey! This isn't Brazilian embroidery.  It's silk ribbon embroidery." 
And then promptly went to sleep:



  1. I just love your cat. He is so expressive.
    Oh, I like your stuff too :)

  2. Thanks, Mary. Yes, Cuthbert is pretty sure he is a People. Glad you are enjoying the embroidery notes.