Saturday, April 28, 2012

From My Rose Garden . . .

This is Double Delight, one of the Brazilian dimensional roses from my Rose Garden.  It's one of nine roses I recently designed and will be teaching at our BDEIG Seminar in Portland, Oregon this June.

I'll have the design ready to stitch fairly soon; am taking pre-orders on this and all of my other new designs and will send them out as soon as they are ready. Look for Millefiori Design #995 "Rose Garden".  All of my new designs should be posted at my website fairly soon, but you can call or email me at any time. I had so much fun dreaming up these nine roses -- each a small 3" design with different foliage and stitches on each rose.


  1. What a sweet rose! I really like the way you did the centre. I think you used cup stitch over a castellated support - very clever...

  2. Actually, no I didn't use the Raised Cup Stitch. I did something I call a "Backwards Buttonhole Stitch" (also described in my book Take A Stitch).
    To do this, I made side-by-side cast-on stitches and then I 'collected' them all together by doing the B-B Stitch in each loop, from one petal to the next, to join them. It's a fairly simple technique.
    I first did this on an African Violet so the petals would stand up nicely. All of the outer petals are also done with a different technique.
    Thank you for your comment.

    By the way, the Raised Cup Stitch is different when you do the Brazilian embroidery Z-twist version. I also described that in my book, Take A Stitch. I'll try to diagram some of these out and pop them up here on my blog.