Sunday, February 20, 2011

Am I Blue? My Hummy Art Quilt Is!

Something ran. I soaked, soaked, and soaked again, but something ran blue on the little hummingbirds on the left. I'm sure it's not the metallic thread, and I don't think it's the purple I used for the bullions between each flower petal.
     So I have decided that - because the background fabric is a "sort of" mottled print -- the blue was "meant to be" ... like an overcast February day in Oregon.

Of course, I can't think up a good excuse for the red that ran (even with my Color Catcher sheets):
But these little birdies have been soaking so long that their little feathers could get all wrinkly. Those were the only two window pane that had any color bleed   --so I might just give them another bath.  I'm deciding ...


  1. Hi Rosalie
    Blur colour or no colour only this i am enable to see here is beeee...autiful embroidery. Please show us the whole work. I am dying to see it.


  2. Thank you, Pratima.
    I'm looking for fabric to finish the little art quilt, but got sidetracked by a few other things I needed to do. I will post a picture as soon as it is finished. It's nice you took the time to write.

  3. Your hummingbird art quilt is beautiful! I don't think the colors that ran detract from it at all. In fact, I wouldn't even have noticed if you hadn't posted about it.