Thursday, February 3, 2011

Mmmm, Yum -- Strawberries

I almost went outside and took a picture of the sun today. It's out here in western Oregon, while the rest of the country is covered with #000 snow. 
     Instead, I'm posting this picture as a reminder that spring is just not that far away. In just a couple of weeks, after President's Day, we will all go out and work on our roses. Here's my reminder of summer:
Yum ... although this is Brazilian dimensional embroidery, this strawberry looks ready-to-eat. Do you like the way I took charge of that shaded green Iris (either #099 or #040)? I stitched the darker part for the lower leaf that was in shadow and stitched with dark floss or light floss on each side of the other leaves? It's so nice to be The Boss of Your Floss.

       The strawberry is one of the flowers on a Millefiori design I did a long time ago - #829, "Veggie Patch" (edible garden plants). I recently re-released the design because so many other stitchers were ready to garden with their needles and asked if it was still available.  It is now. Here's a picture:
Deepa reminded me that I really should watermark my pictures, so I decided to do that. I could have probably stitched an entire pillow in the time it took to figure out how to watermark a picture!
     I have lots of flowers and foodies on this design and a companion design called #828 Flower Patch, and I think I'll send some of them to the BDEIG website and newsletter as freebie designs when my turn comes around again.
     However [blatant advertising here] these Millefiori designs are available now for stitching - 20 pages of diagrams and instructions, fabric print and color photos for each. I was in my Iris and Glory phase at the time, so these are very delicate little designs.
I'll post more pictures from time to time. As I'm editing all of the close-ups, I keep remembering little things I did that might be useful to other stitchers.

But FIRST, I'm going to - as promised - post instructions for the Ridged Blanket Stitch Fern, probably in a day or so.
     Meanwhile, I'm trying really hard to get my website online. I can't believe that blogging is actually easier!

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