Friday, February 11, 2011

Wearables, Solvy and Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery

When a wearable item needs Brazilian embroidery to make itself more interesting, I'll usually trace my pattern onto Solvy, which I wrote about earlier. I baste the lightweight, water-soluble film onto my fabric and stitch away till my heart's content.
      This wearable was too dark and wouldn't accept a ceramic or white dressmaker's pencil and I didn't want to use chalk, so Solvy was the answer.
         If you're adding Brazilian embroidery to a polar or acrylic fleece baby blanket, stitching through Solvy is wonderful.
      I also pull or tear the fabric away when I'm finished and am always delightfully surprised at how beautiful the embroidery looks. I tried this with black velveteen once and stitched with almost all beads -- it was very pretty when I finished. Here's a picture.

It was one of my Millefiori designs, "LadyFlowers of The Evening" --17 of them. After I stitched the design with rayon floss and dimensional stitches, I stitched it again and substituted beads every single where. I had a great time stitching -- and even added a little (big) BEE pin -- a lovely use for collectible jewelry.


  1. Finally! I have managed to read this post :) i think this was a blogger problem and the google folks have fixed it.
    The BE on black looks absolutely wonderful!!

  2. Thanks for your note, Deepa. I was having problems posting comments, but think I have it down now.
    Yes, I think B.E. on black is stunning, but black fabric isn't a favorite with a lot of our stitchers -- soemthing about it being harder to stitch on black. However, with good lighting, it shouldn't be a problem.
    I think the biggest difficulty is finding white ink for screen printing that will wash out.
    I'm glad to see comments (and it's nice I can reply). I'm never sure if very many people are reading -- not that that would stop me from writing. I am really enjoying adding notes and hope they are helpful.
    By the way, someone asked me if they could subscribe by email, and I see the handy-dandy little gadget below that says "subscribe by email". My next project is to add more blogs to the left-side column. There are some really good ones online.