Monday, March 28, 2016

Bunny and Butterflies in Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery

Here are some additional Brazilian dimensional embroidery designs from the book An Artist's Garden by myself (Rosalie Wakefield) -- available at my website or from Amazon. 

Today I have this cute little bunny and some butterflies for you. You can see that these little critters are put together with very simple stitches, some dimensional and some traditional hand embroidery.
The buddleia, or butterfly bush, is stitched with easy knots. These flowers are differ from lilacs by the shape of their flower heads. I also have a lilac that I'll share later, stitched with a different technique. Buddleia flowers are very attractive to butterflies. From this close-up, you can see that this swallowtail is very simply stitched.
By the way, if you like butterflies, you might enjoy Millefiori design #951 "Seasons of the Butterfly" -- those flowers and their flying friends are more detailed; larger flowers, larger butterflies. (It is one of my favorite designs, brag, brag...)
Meanwhile, here is another butterfly from An Artist's Garden.  I named this one a Bluet Butterfly:
It can be very pretty stitched with a glittery metallic thread. Think about shopping the Sulky Threads of Kreinik fibers the next time you are at your local fabric store -- lots of pretty metallic and other thread textures. Sulky makes a very pretty thread called "Prism". These are sewing-machine weight threads, lighter than Glory, but still nice. 
     And, of course, you can see that I like to add beads whenever I can.
This is the Fly Stitch Butterfly.
And I named this one "Prairie Butterfly". Stitched it with some prairie grass - how easy is that!
Once you make a butterfly -- teardrops or heart-shapes for the wings, bullions and beads for the bodies (exact instructions are in the book, hint, hint...).
These butterflies are such fun to add to your embroidery, or they can become a lovely motif for a crazy quilt patch.
    If you are adding butterflies or bees or little birdies to your Brazilian embroidery, charms and beads are also nice, but don't overlook earrings - some can be up-cycled very nicely for your project. The main suggestion would be to keep them as close to scale for your flowers as you can.
I'll post again soon. Right now, I gotta fly. Oops!  I already said that in the last post.  Well, I guess I'll hop on out of here.



  1. Gracias:sus trabajos son maravillosos,los tengo en una carpeta para mayor observacion.

  2. Thank you! I am so pleased you are enjoying them.