Tuesday, March 1, 2016

"An Artist's Garden" by Rosalie Wakefield - B.E. Designs in Color

As promised (seems like ages ago), I'm sharing photos from my book "An Artist's Garden" (by myself, Rosalie Wakefield). The book is available at my www.Millefiori-BE.com website and also at Amazon.
I'm posting pictures in color (no instructions; they are in the book). These two designs are "Achillea/Yarrow" (above) and "Apple & Occupant" (below). If you have the book and would like the pictures in color, just save these to your whatever. Enjoy!! (They will also be on my Millefiori Facebook page and  in the Embroidery-Dimensional Facebook group).
This is the "Apple and Occupant" design. Most of these designs are stitched in lighter-weight floss.
This is the book - An Artist's Garden:
This is "Formal Garden", the back cover design.
This is one of the cuties from the front cover design - a widdle bitty bunny:
Happy Easter a widdle bit ahead of time.


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