Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The B.E. Bluebird of Happiness

Look what just flew into my blog - the little bluebird of happiness! From time to time, I've promised to post color photos from my book, An Artist's Garden, by me, Rosalie Wakefield. Here is a picture of the book cover:
It's available at my website www.Millefiori-BE.com and also at Amazon. The book has all traceable patterns with instructions, but if you'd like to have them already on fabric to stitch, this print (print only) is available, too. It's #958 "I Spy - Flower Patches". Here's a picture of mine; I made it into an art quilt:
All instructions are in the book. And all are fairly easy embroidery using mostly lighter-weight floss on a fabric print approximately 16" x 16".
You'll recognize some of these little treats from two earlier Millefiori designs #828 (Flower Patch) and #829 (Veggie Patch) -- still available.

More photos later, but here is another - the little Blackberry Lily:
I'll be back later.  Gotta fly!

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