Thursday, March 3, 2016

Asclepia and Asparagus Have Been Planted in An Artist's Garden


Asclepia is commonly known as The Butterfly Weed. I designed this stylized version for my book, An Artist's Garden, which is available at my website and also at I thought this version would make an interesting little border or addition to a crazy quilt or wearable item. Instructions are in my book, but you can see the stitches are fairly simple. Here's my book:
I'm posting these little designs in color for those who have the book but would like to see the finished pieces. An Artist's Garden has traceable patterns with instructions; these color pictures are just a guide.
By the way, the Butterfly Weed, a member of the milkweed family, is a larval food source for monarch butterflies. I designed another version of this "weed" [such an impolite term for a flower!] for one of my favorite Millefiori designs, #951 "Seasons of the Butterfly". Here's a picture:
And this is a close-up of another version of the Butterfly Weed, Asclepia:
Before I stop, I thought it would be polite to add a little nutritious supplement from An Artist's Garden. Here is my version of the Asparagus:
The foliage on this asparagus plant is my version of fly-stitch couching (sometimes known as carrot feathers).



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