Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery Veggies

Asparagus found growing in my Brazilian dimensional embroidery garden (no weeding required).

This is from my Millefiori "Veggie Patch" design (#829), a pillow top (or small kitchen quilt to hang on the wall next to the spice rack). OK - I'm still working on the website ...
     You'll also find instructions in my newest book An Artist's Garden by Rosalie Wakefield (and can email me any time for a copy of either the book or the design on fabric - with all instructions).

The asparagus is stitched with a Nova bullion. Glory lazy daisy stitches are added by bringing a smaller threaded needle up inside the bullion (you can do all sorts of things when you begin with a basic Brazilian dimensional embroidery stitch). 

The leaves are Glory straight stitches, couched with a technique I call "Carrot Feathers" -- a fly stitch across the longer straight stitch that has an extra long tacking stitch.  Then a second fly stitch is worked in the same way, but in the opposite direction, exactly across from the first fly stitch.

"Carrot Feathers" are an excellent choice, even when you are stitching carrots (big call for that!).   Lookie . . .
"Carrot Feathers" also make lovely filling when you need to fill an area with fine growth.

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