Thursday, August 16, 2012

My B.E. Pincushion Factory

These are my Pincushions for Drizzles
Here in my Millefiori Brazilian Embroidery factory, I've been making them for other embroiderers to use while they are stitching - nice firm cushions for holding your needle so the drizzles will have good support. You can purchase them at my Millefiori-BE website or contact me via email.

I ran out of pincushions at our recent BDEIG Seminar and there was enough interest that I could re-open my Pincushion Factory:
The new and improved Pincushions for Drizzles are the same low price, but have been re-styled with cheery colors (read: "bright") and even better cushions for holding your needle.

To thank you for listening to my blatant advertising, I'm sharing one of my little designs here with a stitch you might like to try (I'll even show you how). It's called a "Barbed Bullion".
You'll thread two contrasting colors of floss into your needle, make (approximately) a 1/2" fabric bite and wrap the needle 4 times (bullion...). Then instead of going down and out at the end of the wraps, go down and out about 1/2" farther away. This makes the "barb". You might need to tug one color or the other to even out the floss.

I usually use Iris or Glory, but you can use any floss weight you want. The idea is that you use half as many wraps as usual (e.g., 4 wraps will give you the equivalent of 8 wraps when using two threads).

Now, I have another idea!   Look at that stitch. Think about caterpillars. You can use a heavier weight and a longer floss bite and make a nice striped caterpillar. See?
Of course, that little fuzzy critter would probably require a few more strands or colors of floss. But you get the idea.

That little Barbed Bullion flower is from a book I wrote a while back called "ABCs for Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery."  I collected all of the flowers from the book and a lot of the butterflies and bees and put them into a picture frame design (suitable for an 8"x10" frame). The design is called #904 "Alphabet Flower Sampler" and I also sell the print with all instructions in my Millefiori-BE shop.  Here's a picture:
Most of the flowers on that design are stitched with Iris and Glory.

By the way, if you enjoy using lighter floss weights, my most recent book, #955 "An Artist's Garden" is loaded with tiny traceable designs stitched with lighter-weight floss. Here's one of the designs from the book. Because it's close to 102 degrees here in western Oregon today, I thought you might like some watermelon to cool you down (or stitch...)

Stay cool, everyone!

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