Monday, May 21, 2012

A Towhee, A Cat and Water, aka Rain

It is raining today in western Oregon -- actually, it's Oregon Mist and I think people missed it after a week of sunshine when we all planted our flowers.

About the rain:
This is a Towhee testing the bathtub waters, and it is raining here.  I will never understand why birds feel the need to take a bath when it is raining.
But he seems happy as a clam, so I'm glad he's here.

Speaking of water ...
This is a picture of one of my cats, Cuthbert, at the ole' watering hole:
Requesting privacy so he can enjoy his drink. Or just ignoring the photographer.
About this time, Rich came out to the kitchen and asked, "Don't you think you have enough pictures of that cat?"

I ignored him and snapped a couple more.
This one is captioned, "May I please have a straw?"
And this is a picture of Cuthbert saying grace after meals:
And because everyone has so patiently enjoyed pictures of the birds and my cats, I will now entertain you with a brand new post and pictures of my Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery. Thanks for visiting!

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