Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Ruth's Mini-Roses, My Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery Interpretation

A while back I was stitching a Brazilian dimensional embroidery design by my friend, Ruth Griffith, called "Mini-Roses". I wrote about it here, when I explained that the center roses were stitched with the #15 milliners needle instead of the #1 milliners needle we ordinarily use with Lola.

Well, I have finished it.
I had a couple of different dye lots of #121 moss green (back when it was that gorgeous light moss green color) and I intertwined the border with some pink oat beads that I found.  I had a few extra, so I added them for some of the side flowers:
And I added Iris bullions around each to frame.  Instead of rolled roses, I found some tulip shape glass beads in my Stash of Wondrous Things, and I added more little seed beads for sparkle:
Because we can do whatever we want when we are creating our finished embroidery, I fiddled around with Ruth's Tole Rose, just adding an extra cast-on stitch or two:
And because I don't have the embroidery in its final frame (the picture above isn't as sharp as it could be), here is the original photo:
I'm headed for the craft store to purchase a wooden embroidery hoop. I'll paint it with acrylic paint and add a ribbon around the outside, much like I did with "Meditation", the design Mary-E. Crichton and Gayl Ratigan will teach at our BDEIG Seminar next month. Here's a picture:
Here are a few pictures of how I finished the frame (a purchased wooden hoop), painted with acrylic paint:
After the paint was dry, I re-hooped my embroidery, trimmed it and gathered the back side:
..and finished the back by popping in a circular-shaped piece of mat board:
I always label the back of any embroidery I do - date, designer (or my name if it's one of my designs), Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery.  And I have a nice Micron Pigma Pen where I can initial and date my work on the front:
Then I finished the "frame" with some sparkly ribbon and a glue stick -- and left ribbon tails (which I knotted) to tie a pretty bow for a hanger:
So you see how easy it is to finish your embroidery!

If you are interested in purchasing either of these designs to stitch, they are now available. I'll have mine posted on my Millefiori website (if I ever stop making blog entries), but you can email me for information. I am marketing "Mini-Roses" for Ruth Griffith, and in addition to six brand NEW Brazilian dimensional embroidery designs, I'll also have "Stardust" and "Twitter" ready for you to stitch. Everything should be ready to send by early next week, and I'll put you in touch with Mary or Gayl if you would like your own copy of "Meditation" -- or if you would like to purchase a dozen to teach to your own B.E. classes!

Just a note -- if you are looking for the little flower beads, try Beadcats.com.  You might  find the little rice pearls (also glass flower-shaped beads) at either Shipwreck or Fire Mountain. (I even saw them on ebay)! Or  check your local craft store.  I think there are probably other excellent bead merchants, too; these are just favorites of mine.


  1. I love your handwriting...

  2. Your enbroidery is beautiful, I'm specially in love with the way you embroidered the blue rose... it is stunning!!! Do you have instructions on how you stitched the blue rose in any of your books?

  3. Thank you, Deepa. If I try to write angled like we learned in school/penmanship, my letters get all spidery and wobbly. Upright seems to be consistent for me.
    You are doing some beautiful B.E. -- I don't get to your blog often enough, but your work is lovely.

  4. Hi, Bits
    The blue rose (stitched with EdMar's #147 - a light wedgewood blue - is Ruth Griffith's Tole Rose. You'll find it on quite a few of the designs she does. (Her original designs are at the jdr-be.com website - look for the early work - pillows, etc).
    I just added to her instructions (I have the Mini-Roses design for sale for her) by adding the slanted cast-on stitch.
    She started with an oval, satin stitched, added 3 French knots (I used beads) at the tip, surrounded with small cast-on stitches. Then she used two rows of cast-on stitches at the base of her Tole Rose. I added the extra stitch.
    What's really interesting about her Mini-Roses design is how she designed the center Full-Blown Roses. As I wrote, I tried them with the #15 milliners needle and really liked the way it looked.
    Thank you for your note. Let me know if I can help any further.

  5. very nice thank you so much :)

  6. another WoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooW

  7. I have just started doing Brazilian embroidery and I can only imagine doing anything so beautiful. Thank you for all the details. That is so helpful to me in understanding what you did.

  8. Took a Brazillian embroidery class years ago. Unfortunetly my son through all my books, threads hoops and supplies out. Can you please help me get started again I would like your vidoes, books instructions and how to buy the silk threads. how do I sign up for your blog?