Friday, May 4, 2012

This One Followed Me Into My Camera

Laurel. The bees love it. (They didn't follow ...but it's pretty early for bees at the moment.)
     This is Fragaria, or Wild Strawberry. I have it as a ground cover. It makes edible strawberries, but they are very tiny.
This is just pretty. When it blooms, the flowers are tiny, dull yellow, and not nearly as pretty as the leaves.
We have chickadees nesting and singing their beautiful song. This is the chalet:
And this is the penthouse. Both are occupied.
This is Cuthbert, wondering if I'm ever going to stop blogging pictures and start working on my Brazilian embroidery design instructions:
But he's not wondering too hard ...
It's hard to type instructions anyway, when a CAT is sleeping on top of my notes.

          More flowers:

I've never understood why beautiful lilacs always insist on blooming on the highest branches, sending their lovely perfume into the sky. (I suppose I could prune them now and then...)
This is a brave little dandelion, also insisting on staying around:
Scilla are also insistent. After years of trying to make them leave my yard, they keep coming back - more each season.  I've decided to love them.
These are three bachelors (actually perennial bachelor buttons, or centaurea). They seem to be having fun.
And this is another rhodie:
Now I'll go back to work. These flower photos were all taken yesterday when it was getting ready to rain here in Oregon (or it might have just stopped raining for a minute). The sun is coming out this weekend, and I will probably need to snap more flower pictures.  Meanwhile, I should probably get some work done.

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