Thursday, June 23, 2016

Fairy Trees and Umbrellas

The Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery Guild,, each year asks members to vote on a Flower of the Year and a Theme for the coming year. In 2017, the Flower is named "Fantasy Flower" (and it can be as Fastastic-sy as anyone wants). The Theme for the year is "Fairy Gardens".
I have the perfect book full of small traceable designs using mostly Glory and Iris - "An Artist's Garden", and here is a continuation of more little designs that I've been sharing in color. (Book available at my website: and also from Amazon) The first flower is the centaurea, commonly called perennial bachelors button or cornflower (perfect little parasols for a fairy...):
This second picture, chives, would make lots of pretty little trees for fairies to shade themselves beneath. 
While playing with my Millefiori dimensional embroidery through the years, I've made other designs that seem to come right out of a fairy garden.

This is Millefiori #926 "Garden Party". Here is a detail photo of the trellis and its climbing roses (made with the Continuous Drizzle, a stitch I worked out at the time).
I had so much fun that I pulled out my beads, ribbon and sparkly threads, plus all sorts of little odds and ends and stitched a beaded version (I used sheer fabrics for the background, layered over the screen-printed fabric). I set it into a shadow box, found a bit of broken mirror and some of my polished rocks and a little rubber duckie and created the pond on the 'floor' of the shadow box:
I have detail photos of this project if anyone would like to see them. That trellis is made with balsa wood (I think I could have found one already finished at the craft store...) and the fence is stitched with flat toothpicks that I painted white. (Yes, I have too much time on my hands...)
A few years later I designed Millefiori #969 "Wishes and Dreams":
This design has a couple of little flower fairies -- actually "22-Stitch (give-or-take-a-stitch) Flower Fairies" flitting around:
They are "related" to my famous "22-Stitch (give-or-take-a-stitch) Hummer"
Now I think I'll fly on out of here for the moment. More soon ...