Friday, June 10, 2016

Calla Lily, Carrots and Cat Tails. Oh -- and a Cauliflower

As promised forever ago, here are more of the little designs from my book, An Artist's Garden, by me (Rosalie Wakefield). I have it at my website, but it's also available from
There is the calla lily.
And this is a crop of carrots stitched with "Carrot Feathers" greenery.
Next, in alphabetical order, is my design named "Cat, Tails".
Very simple stitching using double cast-on stitches for the cattails. (Uh, oh. Cuthbert doesn't think it looks a lot like his magnificent self.)
Who would have ever thought how easy it is to stitch a realistic cauliflower? Just think! Brazilian dimensional embroidery is not only beautiful, fun and exciting - it is also nutritious!
As I wrote earlier, if you are stitching the patterns in the book, you can save these pictures for reference. They are all in An Artist's Garden, and there is also a fabric print with all of the designs. I made mine into a little "I-Spy" art quilt.
Think what fun it will be to take your scissors (instead of pruning shears), needles, threads and fabric and sit in your garden and stitch!