Monday, June 27, 2016

Clematis, Clivia and Coral Bells: Brazilian Embroidery from An Artist's Garden

I'm continuing to share pictures from "An Artist's Garden", dimensional embroidery designs by me, Rosalie Wakefield. Many are already aware that our Brazilian embroidery is stitched with rayon floss (Z-twist floss), but any threads will work for dimensional embroidery (S-twist floss). I also often add beads or metallic threads for fun.

This is a picture of Clematis with an interesting lazy daisy weaving technique.
I've also used this flower on a couple of my Millefiori designs. This is #8011 "Snail Mail":
And this earlier design is #952 "Sunbonnet Sue's Sassy Sister"
I've added the color photos for a couple of other "An Artist's Garden" designs - first the Clivia:
And "Coral Bells":
If you enjoy these small, easy-stitch designs, you might have fun with Millefiori designs #828 "Flower Patch" and #829 "Veggie Patch" - these are pillow-size prints.....
You'll find them all, and many more, at my website