Saturday, April 30, 2011

Outstanding in her Field ... of Flowers

Sorry!  Couldn't resist that old "farmer joke" ...  Out Standing in Her Field ...of Flowers.
I got so over-excited about how pretty this looked after I washed out all of the blue ink and I wanted to share it with you. This is one of my new Millefiori Brazilian dimensional embroidery designs ... Field of Flowers.
    I stitched it with EdMar's rayon floss in color #227 (Pale Sea Green) on white Trigger cloth (which is the same as Blazer poplin that we all use for our B.E. designs) I used over 4 skeins of Iris, a few strands of Lola and even fewer strands of Ciré. I also had some size 11/o seed beads that I sprinkled in here and there.

Well, I'm going to stitch it into a small art quilt later today and will post a picture along with the pictures of the finished Hummy Art Quilt that I completed. I think I've made everyone wait long enough!

But I was so excited about how pretty this design looked (even though it is fairly "busy") that I wanted to share a photo of the embroidery .... outstanding in its "Field of Flowers!"

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