Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bob and Bill - Just Passing Through

I thought that a day or two of the dandelions in my back yard was more than enough. So here is a picture of Bill and Bob:
They are Evening Grosbeaks who came to visit the other day: Bill (yes, named for his big beak) and Bob (because of the way they go through sunflower seeds at the bird feeder).
     Here is a picture of Bill, up close, taken from my kitchen window with my little point-and-shoot:
Or maybe it's Bob. 
     Aren't they pretty? I think they passed the word to their birdie cousins that sunflower seeds were being served.

     And when they were finished, the local high wire artist came for leftovers:

Life at my house is never dull.
     For the cats, maybe, but never for me.
...and now I'm going to go and stitch something.

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