Monday, April 25, 2011

Kiko Flowers from Sharon Boggon at Pintangle

Many of our Brazilian embroidery stitchers are also crazy quilters. I just saw this lovely flower shared by Sharon Boggon on her Pintangle blog
Be sure to click the link above for all the directions you'll need to stitch this pretty flower on your B.E. designs, your crazy quilts, or on your wearable items. These are just buttonhole stitches plus bullions, but the arrangement makes a really pretty flower petal -- and interesting stitch combinations are something for all of us to dream up when we are working on our embroidery.

I don't have a chance to follow Sharon Boggon's Pintangle blog and her In A Minute Ago website as often as I would like, but definitely recommend all of our Brazilian dimensional embroidery stitchers spend some time there.

Sharon also suggests that we might want to follow some of the links in the comments posted at the end of her blog for even more ideas. Thanks, Sharon, for your wonderful contributions to the world of embroidery. I've added Sharon's blog to interesting places to visit, right over there on the left side of this page.

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  1. Thanks for highlighting my site. It's a nice combination of stitches