Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Selector of the Floss

Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery's resident floss-warmer. Yes, this is Cuthbert, my 6 1/2 year old Norwegian Forest Cat. Our other kitty, Emmy 'The Woman of Mystery', is ageless (meaning we got her from Rescue) and is sleeping in the Chicken-of-the-Sea Tuna box behind Cuthbert, most likely with one eye open.

Cuthbert sometimes sorts my floss, takes up the entire stitching area, and basks in the warmth of my stitching light. Today he likes green. I am very good at hiding my needles from him, but that's another story...
I like my floss stored in the plastic floss holders that EdMar makes. I have Glory colors in one batch of holders, Lola in another, Bouclé and Nova together by colors in a third set of holders. All are sorted by numbers and colors.
     And I have Iris, Frost and Ciré sorted into an additional set of floss holders, all 3 colors next to each other. You can see that I've color-coded the floss weights (the newer floss has tabs that are already color coded). This is the only way I will remember to use my Frost and Ciré.
     If you increase the size of the picture on your computer screen, you'll see a thread looped around one of the greens. That's because I might put 2-3 different dye lots into one slot and won't end up with leaves or petals that are two different shades of the same color. 

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