Monday, March 27, 2017

A Walk In The Woods ... aka My *soggy* Garden

Vernal Pools.  I learned something new today ...even though I'm in Oregon, I discovered that California has "Vernal Pools" -- temporary little lakes that sprout all sorts of life.  (In the Midwest, we called them "Mud Puddles")

--and then I realized: I have a "vernal pool".  Here it is:
With 7" of rain this month (and 41" since October '16) we have a very pretty "vernal pools" that develop in low spots -- and lookie, lookie -- we even have green slimy stuff around the edges.
I think I will have to add more Nice Dirt here unless I want to stock my 'vernal pool' with little fish.

We did have company the last time this 'vernal pool' formed. The thrush has been splashing around and having lots of birdie fun.

Luckily, the pansies I planted are on "high ground". . .


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