Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Lazy Satin Daisy - An Interesting Dimensional Embroidery Technique

If you are looking for a small space-filler for a crazy quit or a pocket or a wearable, this stitch and flower are a lot of fun to embroider. I named the design "Fairy Duster".
I called it the Lazy Satin Daisy, and have described it in some of my Brazilian dimensional embroidery books, My Book of Stitches and Take A Stitch by me (Rosalie Wakefield).
It's easy to do -- made with offset lazy daisy stitches, their starting points close together, the "tacked end" slightly farther apart. It makes a pretty flower petal, too. 

The leaves are completed with satin stitch, and those tendrils have been renamed from "Travelin' Tendril" to "Lazy Tendrils", also in my books. If you look closely, you'll see that they are also lazy daisy stitches with one side of the stitch much longer than the other, either couched or stitched with Brazilian outline stitch (floss held below the line of stitching) -- fun to do!

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