Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Frame Your Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery: Make A Little Art Quilt

In my last post I wrote about one of my Millefiori designs, #8005 "Wind Chimes". I decided to "frame" or finish it as a little art quilt. Here's a picture:
I found it was a good idea to select fabrics first and coordinate them with my floss colors. This was particularly helpful when I stitched another Millefiori design (#993 "Field of Flowers") in one color only, EdMar's 100% rayon floss #227, Pale Sea Green.

That little quilt was finished with a fabric called "Fairy Frost" by Michael Miller. If you'd like to see detail photos, you can search through that Blog Archive in the right column here until you come to May 1, 2011 posts, or you can do a search for "art quilts".
There are lots of ways to finish our embroidery -- making small art quilts is just one idea. Of course, one of the best ways to share our Brazilian dimensional embroidery is to stitch or make them into wearable designs - vests, jackets, totes. It's a great way to share the work we love with others.

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