Saturday, June 21, 2014


Today is my birthday - the first day of summer, the longest birthday of the year. If anyone is looking for me, you'll find me out playing in my flowers.  I'm here somewhere ...
Oh, wait.  That was Cuthbert.
     Here is another view of my back yard where I would rather spend time than cleaning dust bunnies from inside my house:
And here...
This flower is (well, I thought I knew its Latin name as sisychrinum) something I call the "Sunny Satin Flower" because I made a Brazilian dimensional embroidery design with it years ago. It's been coming back in my garden for that long, too!
Oh, wait!  It's my birthday ... I need to go outside and play in my flowers.   But first, here are a few more pictures.  Astilbe:

Asian Pear Tree, loaded with fruit this year (this is the tree that a little birdie planted for me several years ago):
And my beautiful little Emmy.
NOW, I'll go out and play in the flowers.  Well, there's a batch of daylight left - it IS, after all, the longest day of the year!


  1. Belated birthday wishes dear Rosalie..may this be another creative year :)

  2. Thanks, all. It would be fun to have birthdays every week, but then I would be SOOOO old ...

  3. With that beautiful backyard, I am pretty sure your birthday was delightful. Happy birthday.