Saturday, June 28, 2014

Either Housecleaning or Cat Photography....

There really isn't any choice. Cuthbert and Emmy are just too cute:
So I woke them up:
Naughty Cuthbert. Poor cute Emmy.
Guess I'll finish cleaning house now.

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  1. It's Bo from the Wegie group. Missed seeing these babies, so I looked up your blog.
    Have been on St Croix for the past few months and am moving to the Cottage Grove, Oregon area in January....way too hot here. You would love all the flowers, though, and Cuthbert and Emmy would enjoy the cute little lizards(anoles) who come in the house to eat bugs.
    I got too gimpy to keep my rescue going, so handed it over to someone who could. Needless to say, I miss everyone more than words can say.
    Hope you guys, two legged and four are all well.